Beauregard Parish Police Jurors

Wayne Reeves
District 1
Jeffery Meadows
District 2
Shanel Handy
District 3A
Eddie Ware
District 3B
Chuck Montgomery  
District 3C 

Mike Harper
District 3D
Jerry Shirley
District 3E
John Stebbins
District 4A
Ronnie Jackson
District 4B
Kelly Bailey
District 5
About Us 
The Beauregard Parish Police jury is the governing authority for Beauregard Parish that operates under the police jury system provided by the general laws of the state.  
The police jury is both a legislative and administrative body. Its legislative functions include enacting ordinances and resolutions, establishing programs and setting policy. As an administrative body, it prepares the budget, hires personnel, spends money, negotiates contracts and, in general, directs the activities under its supervision.