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Road Maintenance  (Unless posted all Speed Limits are 35 mph)
To submit a road Service Order Request contact our Public Works Department at: 337-462-0675, or enter a request below.
Subdivision Ordinance
  Subdivision Application 

A preliminary application is the first step in the process for the development of a subdivision in Beauregard Parish. It must be sent to the Parish Administrator for review prior to the submittal of any plats. This information assists both the Police Jury and the Developer by addressing all issues for consideration prior to the development. The next step is the submission of the preliminary plat that will be brought before the Police Jury for approval as set forth in the Subdivision Ordinance as addressed in the link below.  
The minimum size of residential lots for single-family dwellings shall be one (1) acre with a minimum road frontage of one hundred twenty-five (125) feet. Where onsite sewerage disposal facilities will be utilized, the minimum lot size shall be three-fourths ( 3/4 ) acre with a minimum road frontage of one hundred (100) feet. 
If the newly subdivided lots, tracts, or parcels are greater than three (3) acres and all are located on a public road, the development shall not be defined as a subdivision and shall not be governed by this chapter, except that the plat of said tracts shall be reviewed by the parish engineer to determine any potential drainage concerns. 

Subdivision Ordinance

Culvert Permits
A culvert permit is required in order to ensure that property owners purchase the correct size for their roadside ditches. Once an application is received, DPW will contact you via email or phone with the size of the culvert needed. Property owners are responsible for the purchase of the culverts. The Police Jury will set one per individual property owner. Developers and businesses are required to obtain a permit but will have to set themselves.  If this is deemed a job for the Road Crew, we ask that you call or e-mail when the culvert is physically on your property, ready to be installed and the installation location property marked.
Drilling Permits 
Prior to approval to drill in Beauregard Parish, a company must first complete the application, pay fees if a public road is used to access the site, and supply the necessary documentation as set forth in the ordinance (site drawings and a copy of the state required permit). Preparation work may be performed prior to receiving the state required permit, but no drilling is to be done until received at the Police Jury Office.

Drilling Permits Application

Drilling Ordinance
Logging Permits
This permit specifies an approved route of travel when using Parish roads for the purpose of logging or other continuous hauling of materials. The conditions of the permit are identified in the application form. A permit number will be assigned in order to manage the permits issued by the Parish.
Logging Application 

Logging Ordinance