Building Permits

Building Permits
A permit is required outside the City or Town limits in Beauregard for any new structure, whether building, renovating, or moving in an RV or Mobile Home. Although not all will require a building permit, all require some part of the permitting process. Applicants are required to supply the Permit Office with: 
  • The current parcel listing of their property from the Tax Assessor’s Office;
  • a Culvert Permit from the Beauregard Parish Public Works Department;   
  • a 911 permit from the 911 Office; 
  • a sewer permit (or exemption) from the Health Department Unit, sanitation department; and, 
  • the account number from their electrical provider.  
For more information call 337-463-7019 or see the Building Inspection Group. 
Electric Utilities: 
Beauregard Electric (BECI)